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What happens to us who buy among us 1? will we used that in among us 2 too? or we should buy the among us 2? its a waste of money of money if you will shut down the among us 1 and do not migrate us in among us 2.

Among Us 1 isn't going to be shut down, right? and the ones who bought the first game will have a discount, right? I just read

among us isn't going to be shutdown they will just give a open source code to the players to make their own server but there'll be a lot of damn cheaters since its among us 1 its different to among us 2 maybe they will not transfer it to among us 2 

among us 1 owners get a coupon code to buy the second one and the first game will continue having servers running and if they do shut down the first one there will be an open source meaning private servers that also means the game will become free
and also among us should have different game modes and maps and stuff so that's not a waste of money for people who own the first one mostly because of the coupon code that saves a bit