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feeding a cat simulator

got 56 after a bit 
pretty epic

Just beat the game, wasn't as bad as i tought it would be but still a nice challenge and got pretty difficult

yes it should.

pretty cool game

yup this definitely seems like a game

the keyboard system on console takes ages to that could only be with voice chat

epic gamer game

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i edited the comment to say that much before you wrote this
and also the original comment was talking about the windows version

epik game

yup there's gonna be in-game currency and stuff

most likely will be a classic mode that you can chose to be in special servers for with only the new maps and skins but not any of the roles or whatever is added that changes the gameplay a lot

among us 1 owners get a coupon code to buy the second one and the first game will continue having servers running and if they do shut down the first one there will be an open source meaning private servers that also means the game will become free
and also among us should have different game modes and maps and stuff so that's not a waste of money for people who own the first one mostly because of the coupon code that saves a bit

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no you are you do need to pay at least 5$ for the windows version tho the android one is free
oh wait you said for android oops

it only happened to me once

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The level after the bunny boss completely bugs out the game, i tried three times and the second and third times it ended in the middle of the thing and brought me back to the map with the next boss and level unlocked but they didn't work and then whatever level is chose exept the two new levels would stop working

i held the up key for too long in the sound part and i'm NOT going trough the loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong color maze again

the game is pretty fun if you have an autoclicker so that you stay at the base size and you auto shoot

it was so fun to see this torunament

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that is the best comment in the world

in the 3D part after about 8 rooms i went into another one and the screen just turned black the only thing i could see are the coins in the corner


the game is really nice, the characters are too cheap and should be way more expensive for the ones at 10k or cheaper also i found a glitch if you pause the game while playing the diamond he continues moving and is invulnerable so you can actually kind of play whit him

i love the game, some levels where confusing like 14 (it was simple it's just me that didn't understand) and the one when you use the white to take the red up to take the white up, some signs or text boxes could help explaining new mechanics and how to use the level editor but me like the game me being me and me is also me which is my username which is bad i have no creativity my username is TillyCorbin now no that's not true my username will me TillyCorbin (was that confusing enough? REVENGE)


you just have to hold the spear to the max angle and it's not a challange anymore my best is 365,88 meters so it's right behind the wall

the game is cool but gets repetitive very fast so i tough about a few ideas to make it better

fishes could be different from each other for example some fishes could be heavier and bounce less or be as the normal fish but moving faster

you could unlock different fishes by getting a highscore  high enough or something and you could disable them in a menu

there could be skins for the platform that could be unlocked like the fishes, by doing quests or just getting points

you could make bosses appear every x normal fishes and they would have different mechanics like feeding them a special kind of fish that would be very rare and until you find one the boss gives you a curse 

a menu showing every bosses you fighted against and when you beat all of them a button would appear in the menu and if you click on it the next game you start a secret boss would appear

-some hands

-some nobody

-he's done?

-yes he isn't


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once you get the file you need to unzip it first for that you can just right click it and then extract all to a new file, then double click that file and the one inside of it and scroll down (it's a big mess)  you will find something called fidel.exe then double click it and it might say that it's a virus but that's because it's and exe file wich is used for viruses but to open it just click more info and then execute anyways

you can do that for any games on the website but usually it's better organized and in the first file there are 5 including the one to play the game