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This game is really fun, I'm writing this after just figuring out that there was a door in the first section.

It takes a while to get into and it's slightly overwhelming at first, but it's pretty fun trying to figure out what everything does. I got lost at first cause I had no idea that there were doors. In that beginning screen I was wondering what the point of that single enemy was. Also, when you die, it seems like everything resets except your stats, your health and probably gold.

The graphics are pretty sweet, but it's hard to tell what things are at first cause everything is so low res and the fact that you can't pick up some stuff, like magic restoratives until you use magic, makes things a little more confusing. I was trying to right click on the magic restorative stuff and got more confused when nothing happened.

Pretty good enemy variety so far.

Seems like a really fun game, I'm looking forward to exploring more stuff.