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Macabre indeed. But funny, as well. Like, Stick it to the Man funny, and I really liked that game. Full of brilliant little touches: the clock keeps track of missed beats, the dancing of the frames/body parts/etc. in time with the music, how the narrator looks like a conductor in the second scene, the head flying out of the tub, the glowing heart appearing in the third scene while the actual heart was the only body part NOT moving ... I could go on.

The music was excellent, and the beat timing felt fair (which, in my experience, is VERY hard to do). The levels were slightly long, and the unusual key orientation had my wrist a little sore by the end. I also, in the last scene especially, kept wanting to watch the funny flailing that the character was doing, but didn't want to look away from the notes. Not really sure if there's a good solution to that, but I guess that means the game lends itself well to streams or playing with others.

Excellent job, as always. :)