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Pros and cons are down below) Check out gameplay here (the game is the 3d there):


1. I adore the slow build up the game has. It makes the player wonder what's going to happen and anticipate the scares.

2. It's so interesting how simple the gameplay is but how powerful the scares are. I got really terrified at some point, though the game even didn't even jumpscare me or anything. That means that the game is a good horror game.


1. The monologue is soo slow. It ruins the tension a bit as you wait for the main character to finish their line. Maybe it would be nice to make it a bit faster and skippable only by clicking, so it wouldn't be too fast for everybody.

2. The story is bits and pieces. There are some visuals shown in the TV but still... I would like to understand what happened and why. Maybe an epilogue would help or something like that.

3. Maybe that was intentional but one of the last lines started like a complete gibberish for me. I point it out here in case that was a bug.


I enjoyed that. The game would benefit if the player had more control over it (like blinking option or maybe channel switching at some point could become crucial for the main character to survive). So, for me it's 4/5 but with lots of potential. 

Hope my feedback was useful!