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I haven't seen a game of this style since I was a little kid.

I have to give you enormous credit for doing it in this style. A lot of companies use to rush into it, thinking it's going to be easier then animating or drawing, it's really not. It's hard to input video into a game that it wasn't tailor designed for and make it work, but you pulled it off magnificently. 

The cuts between the videos and player choosing actions were seamless. I liked how it did the repeated movement until the player chose, and how the actor made the movements as natural as possible. The emotions and actions didn't feel exaggerated. 

The camera shots were superb, they captured the right moments for the audience and made you really feel like you were in the game seeing the player. The only complaint I have is that it was shaky. I might be biased though, because I have motion sickness, so those types of camera movements tend to trigger it. The movements reminded me of S.T.A.L.K.E.R in that sense.

All the noises and sounds fit into the atmosphere of the game.  But, they were rather loud when I started. I would put in a menu so players could customize the sound strength before entering the game. That alarm really got me. 

The game was short and the player choices wasn't that much, but I can't fault you for that given the time frames you were put in.  If you do more following this style or continue this one, I would love to see them!

All in all, I believe you did a great homage to the classics, while having your own twist in it. For a first-time making this time a game? It's incredible, you should be proud. I look forward to seeing what else you do!

Thankyou so much for the review, I am really getting tears of happiness now, Actually  had this idea months ago and fortunately it fitted into this jam and I made it. Yeah I agree, there are not much choices but if you explore you may find out 2,3 . 

Although I completed it within a time limit, and really faced a lot of problem as asking my parents to empty a room or act for or shoot is really hard task, it took me 3 days just to explain that But I am so fortunate that it's completed (with technical and sound issues as you said)and I am able to see players like you who loved this game. Thank you so much.

fun fact: The camera shake wasn't  intended but when I was doing the edit and programming at midnight, and there was no time to shoot, I found that my brother shaked the camera in that video to irritate me, lol. but I just edited it whit a sound that should not look funny as there was no option to re-shoot it and made the game, ha ha.