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Heeey, that's a neat little experiment. Nice touch, suggesting "help" as the first command without any need for more explanation. And I've seen home-brewed text adventure engines that fare worse without having to cope with procedurally generated content. It does feel odd that the game wouldn't recognize an object it mentions in the room description, precisely because it's been put there by the game engine itself, but oh well, it's an experiment. Bonus points for the retro look. And did I mention the ability to create objects? Hello, MU*s! How cool is that?

If I was to recommend something, it would be to implement the "quit" and "restart" commands, better error messages from the parser and perhaps the "examine" command as a synonym for "look at". Oh, and maybe a cache for the knowledge database? It takes a while to pull it from the 'net even on a broadband connection.

Good work there, and I can't wait to see more of it.