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Amazing.. Just amazing!

I enjoyed playing Whiteout very much and was happy to see that you created a new game, did not disappoint one bit! I enjoyed the overall atmosphere of the game, definitely frightening and fun to explore around. The bodies around the place, the robots sneaking around, the ambiance noise all add up to deliver a spooky vibe to the game. The only problems I could really see were how quiet the voiceover was, and the fact that the sound overlapped toward the end. However, the second one is more my fault as I could've waited, but it did make me waste time searching for the second ending which was clearly revealed how to obtain in one line of dialogue. Well done Kai! Strong 4.5/5 from me

Hey thank you so much for the feedback, helps a lot for future projects. Glad that you could enjoy this game as it is.

Whiteout will also be expanded upon in the future. ;)