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Great work on the visual art - I loved the sprites, the environment, the color palette, all that stuff.

I struggled at first with the perspective and telling where it was or wasn't safe to ride. For example, I never would've guessed at first that there was safe space "underneath" the top edge of a hill, which makes navigating corridors much easier. Might just be me, but it might also be worth looking at the art style and considering if you can communicate where it's safe to drive a little more clearly with the visuals.

Good musical choice - it felt like the patterns I was driving along were almost synced to the music, but there were times where it felt slightly off. If that's something you were going for, awesome - I think as you put more work you put into polishing that feeling of connection between environment and the beat of the music, it'll pay huge dividends for improving the end experience.

I had fun with this one. Cool stuff!