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If it is okay to ask a technical question, here it is:
I have been fascinated with this game, very simple and elegant. If I may, what are the physical elements made of? Like the catapult and other items that work flawlessly and beautifully , are they rigged with a bone and animation system, or actual physical elements? and the glass, the glass is beautiful as well! Can't wait for the Steam release!


Animation is not used anywhere in the game. I try to stick to regular rigidbodies and joints. In some cases rigidbody setup is changed at runtime (e.g. catapult being the most complex gadget so far, re-rigs itself depending on player intention). Most of things that are scripted are reactive - meaning that I read collisions, rigidbody positions/rotations to decide forces (catapult, doors, bending bars, glass shatter, etc). With my background C# is the easiest animation authoring tool :)

That's incredible. :D I love the physics in this game, now I know why!