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So this was an interesting game and has a lot of potential. The story was interesting and especially the ending; was not expecting that. The talking AI was interesting; how the story played out by him narrating what the player has to do and then giving a short backstory through that. 

But I felt that the game lacked a lot. The part where the enemy robot comes into the hallway and starts searching for the player; it was really cool that, that happened but it didn't feel threatening enough as it never made it to the player themselves. 

The hidden room with the robots was interesting and I think added to the darker side to the story but there wasn't enough backstory to the game to make the player feel like that there was meaning to that room. Other than that I think that when the AI starts telling the player not to go up the stairs; that was a great climax to the game as I found it both intriguing and also exciting from the mellow pace of the previous part of the game. 

And another suggestion is to increase the pace of the start of the game; it's very slow with mostly just walking back and forth from the reactor to the beds. I found it to be a tad too long and a little mundane. So maybe add a small chase part or something to increase the pace of the start. 

Other than that I think it's a pretty cool game with a lot of potential (And also a lot of similarities to Portal 2; with the running away towards the end and what the AI says.) And good luck for future projects!

Hey thanks so much for the feedback, I really do appreciate it when people take the time to do that. Helps a lot for future projects and I agree with you 100%. Thank you again for checking it out.