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Weirdly, this doesn't show in any of the search results when I search for "echo", but if you found this page too, it's a really cool 3+ player storytelling game. It's quiet and sad and hopeful, dealing with war memory and youth, and it's got beautiful, easy to read layout and simple directions.

Basically, if you like the Miyazaki movies that have a little more bite to them, or the parts of Gundam that aren't about geopolitics and giant robots, or if you like stories that make children think and adults cry, this is one for you.

It's not challenge-based. You don't succeed or fail based on dice rolls, or anything like that. However, it is self-contained, and it hits hard.

You could even slot this into another mech game, as an interlude or backstory or epilogue, but you're def going to cry if you do that.

I would strongly recommend this to anyone.

It's really good.

Thank you for the kind comments! I'm wondering if putting "echo" into the tags would make it easier to search for...


In hindsight, the issue might be that it's ech0, not echo, so it doesn't search as echo. Putting 'echo' in the tags might work.