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So I have been playing around with some difference ideas but my main question is i'd love some clarification. Now Im assuming in the spirit of the jam the two sounds or lack thereof have to be the same throughout like the colors. but my question is simply on the nature of tone. Typically we think of a single "tone" as a sound with a single sinusoidal waveform. These differ from notes on an like those of an instrument as these contain multiple overlapping tones, a single tone and its overtones(i think this is right is has been a while).

In short this makes listening to a single frequency tone really start to annoy most people, to the point where i have turned them off temporaraly. The same effect as two differing tones could be achieved with two notes. This would be a hell of a lot nicer for all players of the game and in my experience you tend to get annoyed by the repeating notes at about the same time as the flashing colours.

So really, can i use notes or do the "tones" have to be pure tones.

that's a really good point. my musical knowledge is pretty lackluster so I used the term 'tone' with no idea how that would actually sound in a game, and so I'm not surprised to hear that it probably sounds pretty bad. I think using two notes (or one note and silence) is more than fine, but if others want to weigh in and agree or disagree they are encouraged to do so!


I personally don't see anything wrong with this, as long as there are only one or two tones locked to the state of the pixel.