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Really neat idea and I understand the version available for download is an alpha, but there are areas for improvement. The monsters in game may need adjustments in my opinion, as as soon as one saw you it was practically game over. Also, not sure if this is intentional but there doesn't appear to be a cap on the amount of wood planks you can pick from one area. In the starting zone I was able to pick up one thousand before I got bored and moved on, haha. I'm fairly certain I was not supposed to be able to do that with the survival aspect of the game.

Oh and clicking menu did not seem to respond upon death, meaning I had to exit the application every time. The potential is definitely there with some polish if the project is still being worked on.

Thank you for your comment. The bugs you wrote about are already fixed. At the moment, the next version is being developed, and will soon be available for download. We hope you will follow our project.

Good to hear! Definitely will be following it.