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Wow. This was an emotional roller coaster from start to finish. 

I started with the non-romance/non-friendship ending (because I like to do things the wrong way around), and I have to admit that while it was good, it wasn't amazing. Then I worked my way through the friendship and romance paths (in that order) and my mind was totally blown. The complexity of the characters and their relationship was masterful, and I loved how they called into question what humanity really means. During the romance path, when Silas starts talking about how he never had a choice, I swear you could hear my heart breaking. 

That was a long-winded way of saying that I loved this game and hope to play many more from its creators!

LOL I play games the same exact way! To the point where I try to predict which romances I'll like the best (in games with more than one) and "save" those for last. xD

I really appreciate you taking the time to play all the way through each route and give us your thoughts! I'll be the first to admit that the non-romance/non-friendship end was something of a casualty to the time restraints of Nanoreno, so I'm glad to hear it was satisfying to you, even if it wasn't great. ^^' Thank goodness the other two routes left you with a good impression of the game! 

Thank you very much for the feedback!