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I have 4 questions to ask about this series:

1) Will we ever be able to play as Powder and/or Fennel? (Love those two).

2) Are we going to know about Treat's childhood and why she left?

3)Are there going to be more secrets/ hidden lore?

4)What inspired you to create the lonely wolf treat series?

(Answer these questions in any way you would like and take your time :)👍🏻👌🏻)

1. no they're not planned to be playable sorry

2. yes ;) and yes to 3 as well.

4. i've had some of these characters for quite a while as something i drew for fun, and i always wanted to make an rpg maker game so one day i saw that a game jam was happening and decided to go for it! treat is my fave so i made up a story about her. then everyone liked the game so much it really motivated me to keep making more haha

thanks for the questions!