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I like the art style. I enjoyed the menu music, but I have to say that the Midnight City cover that you almost certainly don't have the rights to was a bit of a turn-off, so you might want to take that out.

The game is very claustrophobic. I would suggest zooming out a bit, as it is impossible to look ahead with the current setup. This makes fighting enemies frustrating and unsatisfying and also eliminates any desire to move forward - being unable to see anything interesting on the right side of the screen gives me no reason to go there. Your dash ability puts me right at the edge of the screen, making it dangerous to use as I do not know if that will put me right next to an enemy. 

Honestly, the visual scale is plain wrong and it makes your game unfun to play. Zoom out and use more screenspace to show what's to the character's right than what's to his left. Look at games like Metroid and Mario for inspiration.

The world also feels a bit flat, adding parallax scrolling would help give it depth.