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Thank you for your Rock!  Quite literally ;D (ok, bad pun)

For real, though: I enjoyed  watching you play my game and seeing you having fun with it :) I think you have a great narrating voice and your inquisitive approach made the viewing experience really entertaining and engaging...I can only say keep up the great work! 

That unpronounceable name probably already gave it away (read "skiva frecce" with the "cc" read like the "ch" in "church"=arrow dodger) but I'm no native. So, if at the end you were serious about it, I think I'll really take you up on your offer: I'm DEFINITELY in need of a shiny spell checker in armor. Plus, I'd be forever in your debt AND grateful for the assistance. 

So let me know if I can contact you for it, and maybe for future games, too (but ONLY if you want to and if/when you have time) 

Hi there! Sorry about the late reply. I have been actively working on relocating down to TX from MA in a month. I would LOVE to help you with this! I might just need a little time to get settled in my new home. If you'd like, you can email me directly at and we can get the ball rolling on this! :)

No problem! Moving is really time consuming, I can understand the situation very well. So thank you even more for offering your help :) 

Based on what you and other YouTubers said in your gameplays I already tried to modify some of the main sentences, but if you still want to check for other mistakes I'm sending you an email with the dialogues. I'm in no hurry so feel free to send it back  whenever you like ;)