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Sorry to bother, but I'm having difficulty with the android link. I know it says on your patreon that it's the correct download despite the file name, but it seems to be the previous file still. I believe you updated Spencer and Darius' route, correct? But i can't get past day 16. 

I even uninstalled the game and reinstalled from the new download in case my phone was being weird, but it remains the same. Is it possible that it's still the old download link? 

And in case it matters what version it says I'm downloading, it's 1.29

Day 16 is as far as Spencer's update goes in that version, so that is correct.  The Patreon version just got an update to run through day 17, and I'll update the public download to that version next month.

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Ah, okay, thanks for responding. Just got confused cause i thought public got updated to 1.37 while private got 1.39. Or maybe i got confused by the patche notes. Either way,  have a good day. o7

That's correct.  1.39 has the Spencer Day 17 and Darius Day 12 update.  1.37 added Daruis Day 11 and Grifter Day 21 (and Dozer Day 11 from the 1.36 update).  There should be a file titled "Changes" in the main game folder that I include some of the changes for each update as well :)