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Actually, while I do think towers are good and I recommend building at least two per settlement, I've found that warbands you can build take a lot of pressure off of even building walls as they are very effective, especially if you make it a 50/50 split between militia and skirmishers. Also, I prefer to build a lot of smaller settlements as it keeps the size of attacks way down and lets me send out my warbands to hunt down and destroy their camps.


Thanks! I'll mention that when I get to the military section. You're right! Warriors are prioritized over structures by Masklings, so as long as your troops stay strong you'll have no problem thwarting any attack 

I'm currently experimenting with a sort of kill zone, where my troops and towers attack at the same time against large Maskling forces.

I'm more of a turtle RTS player so I tend to max my walls and towers with very little warriors. 

The best thing to do is have a warband of six, three skirmishers and three militia, stay slightly behind a tower because as soon as they see masklings they form up and start to advance slowly. Your best bet would be to have an opening in your walls with two towers at the end and a warband in the middle, as that will draw the masklings into range if their warparty is big enough