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I'm really enjoying this game because of the creative potential and i had a great time trying to get the world into a shape that was mildly city like. What i ended up with was pretty cool  although i wish it were easier to edit the world, i resorted to placing and then deleting farms to make tiles go away so more would spawn. Still really amazing and I'm thoroughly enjoying it! Here it is

On a side note if there was a building you could build that made a peaceful ship come down every so often and trade food for wood or stone i think it would be a saving grace for players who spent to many resources deleting farms XD

I'm so happy to see someone use Little Lands to create their own little cute cities.

Creating my own little towns has always been my favourite thing in games like this, but sadly, as you've experienced, the game isn't very city design-friendly.

We're about to start working on the full retail version of Little Lands, since we've got so many complex ideas that we can't wait to get into.

The ability to design cute little towns; with gameplay benifits to doing so, in order to encourage it, is something I definitely want to spend a lot of time carefully implementing.

I love your use of the walls, you're the first person I've seen use them how I intended. :)