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One thing I would actually love, is the ability to take over villages from the masklings. This can be an improvement of the noble people. So you can use noble people to take over a maskling camp and this noble person rules that camp.

I don't know how the majority here thinks about the gods and religion, but I'm not a big fan of that to be honest. On the other hand, I think you can make everything fun. So I'm actually neutral.

The research point can be super handy when it comes to starting to know the game.
I'am now familiar with the game, so I learn the game step by step whenever a new feature comes. But when I would have seen all the options I had at once, I would've been overwelmed and less interested. So I would add the research to let the player learn the game step by step.

Happiness and morale would be awesome. I would add that the work rate of the workers are affected by the happiness, and the morale affects the damage a warrior can give to a maskling?

I don't know if you were inspired by me for the advanced housing, but I would like it.

For luxuries I would like to add a theater and an arena for gladiators. Just big expensive buildings that serve no big purpose except for happiness and morale and are cool to look at.

Diffrent enemy types with each a special ability can be fun. So you have diffrent warriors to attack diffrent races because of their strenghts and weaknesses.

For wheater and seasons, will you add that for example, you have to make sure you have enough wheat when winter comes? Because in winter there is no farm income?

If you add the random events, make sure you can do something about it and that your only option is not that you have to watch your city being destroyed,, but that you can prevent/work against these events by building stuff.

Pig breeding seems a good idea :)

For the chariots, could you add horses into the game?

For the boats, I would love to see diffrent kind of boats. Boats for battling, boats for transporting goods, and boats to transport people to start a new settlement.
For this you can add that masklinks can attack you from the water.

I like your efforts you put in the game and that you listen to everything we say :)
Big thumbs up for you as a developer!

I'm curious about your hesitation around gods and religion, would you mind expanding on that?

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First of all, I don't know how you want to implement them, it could be that you make something fantastic out of it. But for the most games I've played that had gods and/or religion made it to complex yet very important to have. 
My aversion of this could be a bias of me because I can't really support my statement. It's just a feeling.

But then again, I don't know your view on these elements :)

My current thoughts for the feature are: a pantheon of 5 or so gods and godesses, each with a different area of interest. The player can build temples to curry favor with the gods. The more favor with the god, the more benefit the god gives. The player can also invoke the god for miracles.

As an example: Akkan the Skyfather is the god of the skies, and father of the pantheon. Earning favor with him provides favorable weather (occasional light rains, fewer storms). He can be asked to create a storm, with lighting bolts striking enemies.

If these elements are well explained while starting a game, this could be good. They also do not sound to overdone. Looking forward to it :)