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I really enjoyed this! I wanted to feature it in one of my Toast Bites indie game lists, but I like to use the music from inside the games themselves as the background for their spot and none of your tracks could be played fully without interference. 

I'll keep an eye out for when you release it in full and feature it in a list then. Especially with the music being the focus, I want to make sure it's highlighted.

As far as the demo itself goes, the only technical issue I had was in the level where you grab the cubes that each make a sound. The game kept crashing on that one for some reason. Other than that, it was great! Best of luck with the album and all of your other work! 

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Thank you very much for playing and help to test the game! I'll definitely look into the bugs and make fixes in updated versions.

For the music: https://chranesylk.bandcamp.co...

The above is the link to the Bandcamp album page, the two songs in the games are there for download.  The album is free for now, please feel free to use the music in your videos. (The cube level's sound is generative so I do not have a track for now. If you like the sounds, I can make a recording of the soundscape and send it to you.)

 I am glad you enjoy the experience.  Also thank you very much for featuring my game on the list!

Oh, thanks so much! Your music is great and the idea of an interactive album is an innovative way of featuring it. I'll download a track to add to the list and let you know when the video is up. Take care!