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The new update (there are now red crosses where there is already a building) makes it lag when I have a lot of buildings.

I have 300 villagers, and the game runs smooth. But whenever I now want to build a new building, it gets laggy as hell.

Also there seems to be a problem with the saving or with the reading of a saved file.
I want to start the game, but it says "Fatal Error, Bronze Age encountered a fatal error. The exception has been reported, and we will try to fix the issue as soon as possible. Check itch.io for updates, as the problem may have fixed already."

So now I can't play a saved file.

That's distressing to hear. I'm not seeing a reported exception that looks like what you describe, unfortunately. Would you mind sending me the troublesome save file in question? You'll find it in the "saves" folder where Bronze Age is installed.

It seems itch.io doesn't have a private message option, and I'm hesitant to publicly post my email, but if you have a reddit account you can PM me /u/CommodoreShawn I can give it to you there.