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I don't know what I do wrong, but with the update, the masklings do not attack me.
I've now been playing 1 hour without an attack. So I can't give feedback of the barracks :s

Not one time my game has crashed with the new update, so that is a big step :)

Some adjustments I would like to see:
-A '++' and a '--' in the tab "Work designations". Because my previous game crashed totally, I started a new one, and I can built pretty quickly now. My population is again 300+ so I have to click a lot to up my work designations.
-Without hovering above a building I want to be able to see the progress. This would be a nice feature I think.
-The exits of a building can't cover the same area. Is this a bug or a feature?

I now play the game on my laptop and I noticed the speed of the game on my laptop is significantly faster while my laptop is less powerfull than my pc. What is the cause of this?

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The Maskling AI was tweaked, and the targeting range was reduced, seems like I cut it back too far. I'll have a new build out shortly that will have that and other fixes.

Thanks for the feedback, as always.

Edit: For performance, I'm not sure. Bronze Age can use multiple cores, and it is heavily CPU bound. Currently world size is the major contributor to slowness. The world generates as it is explored, extending pretty far beyond visible range. As settlements grow, and especially as warbands or migrants move around, the world gets bigger.