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I climbed the robot :).  It was a trip.  I climbed really high on one of the ladders on the wall, then I fell off;  the first time I'd ever 'fallen' in VR. I thought I was going to die, for real, my heart sank.  It was great!

Thanks for this.  I think you are a really talented, artistic and prolific developer.  This demo truly inspired me, beyond just VR and locomotion.

I am really really hoping that the industry follows your lead here.  Several big titles were announced recently at E3 for VR retrofitting.  Looks like teleport is the status-quo....bummer.

Anything we can do to help push this into the AAA market?

Thanks for the kind words Tadd.

I've been continuing to work on the functionality in response to feedback from users; including the climbing stuff (much more robust now, not so easy to fall inadvertantly).

I've been planning various strategies for getting the broader VR industry to take notice - most devs have their own idea of what constitutes a good solution to their problems at this point, so best as I can figure, I'll need to put together a package that can ably demonstrate the versatility and usefulness of what I've put together here; preferably in the form of a fun (actual) game that can gain some traction in the media.