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This was wonderful! I got all(?) three endings and I suspect there was additional content in the middle I could have seen if I had tried different answers but I didn't have the heart to choose the ones that felt dehumanizing, haha. Maybe later...

I really liked the attention put into the details and logic of his 'malfunctions' and how he finds ways of reinterpreting protocol to begin to make choices and has mixed feelings about doing so, particularly the argument about her going back to cryo-sleep. That was awesome and so well written and thought out! 

I think my 'favorite' ending was the sad one, because it had such a bite to it (I got a little choked up), but I'm glad the happy one existed too.

Ah, that's really great! I'm glad you enjoyed the game enough to get all the different endings! ^^

AND THANK YOU SO MUCH for mentioning the events surrounding his malfunctions. I tried really hard to keep those things consistent and recurrent without shoving them down the players' throats. xD I wasn't sure how successful I was at striking a balance with it, so I'm super excited and relieved to hear that it worked for you, at least, hahaha...