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Really impressed by the interpretation of the theme. I loved the reversed incidents and reversed speech. Very clever of you to create a feeling of 'REWINDING', through them.

When I saw you answer the question "How does the game fit the theme?" with "The story and the gameplay...", I thought that you must have been more clear. But after playing the game, I understood.

I really enjoyed the game. The graphics is awesome, mainly because all of it was of same style and not some random low poly. Would be happy to see some work being done on the GUI though. (Text size for dialogues are small, some are large).

Once its 'E' to continue, once its 'space'. It would be great if a common key was decided.

I also think if the game had more branches, it would be awesome and I didn't like the idea of telling me which choice will decide the ending.

Also that player can just press 'E' and roam around and all the actions will be done. I think it destroys the interest of the game.

As my speakers are not okay, so I played your game without sound, can't really say anything about it. Sorry!

(SPOILER ALERT, for those who have still not played the game)

One thing bugged me a bit. That is when John was killing 4 guys that part, there the second task was "went home", and he had to go home after killing the 4 guys. Shouldn't it be the other way round?

By the way, Shouldn't the game have multiple beginnings rather than endings? LOL!

(Please! I need help!)

It would be very kind of you, if you could spare some time and play my game and rate it. I would be really grateful. Thanks!