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I find that on the idland where the chicken-person talks about plants growing, if I go on to the upper balcony a red halo appears around my character, suggesting some sort of action to be done. But I clicked all around, and nothing happens. What am I not seeing?

Well, somes sprites are missing, on the second upper balcony there is a lever (that is not yet drawn and animated) that activate the "holo bridge"  downstair so you can keep walking to what's next. Sorry, we know it is not clear for now, but we are working on it. Anyway, thanks for the feedback Nezchan :-) !

I will say that I am quite impressed with what you have here, and would love to see this meditative, absorbing experience expanded with more interaction between the character and their environment. And thank you for making this available on multiple platforms. As a Linux user, I appreciate it.