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Thank you SPCTR ! It is a school project that was  a bit over ambitious for a first game. It is exam's time now so the teachers asked us to put it online, even tho I didn't consider it ready at all.. We got two weeks from now to fix everything and add all the others animations and polish what need to be polish. 

As for the ending.. The original concept was to make an endless experience, remove any idea of goal and purpose and make something that is only meant to be enjoyed like a illustrations book as well as a musical album (the overall very relaxing and playable by everybody) . And also based on life and travelling, meeting peoples and cultures, and on the  quote from Lao Tseu : "That is not about the destination, but the journey." . I know it might sounds pretentious but really the aim is just to please. Anyway, very glad you liked it, a better version is to be released around the 25th of june, it will be an even better experience XD !

It's really good as it is but I will definitely also play the final version 👍