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- Tried searching radio 'till day 50 and exploring as a wolf; still couldn't find camp from the letter.

- Still can't afford compass with 5000g. (Edit: Checked handbook; looks like I need 6000g and a compass before using the radio.)

- No graphic for 1hp door.

- Axe won't swing if underling enters but gets shot to half health.

- Dog stays when you evict the owner.

- Everyone looks weird holding the gun.

- Infinite ammo?

- Only one monster type.

Thanks for this useful feedback - there's definitely some overlap here with what other players have voiced. This will really help me create a better quality game if I ever start working on Moonlight Fortress again in the future. I hope you still liked the concept I was trying to demonstrate despite these issues!

For your points 3-5, sorry these weren't supposed to happen! Sounds like a fault with my programming! I still have a lot to learn :)