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Just completed the whole game and my god, this has been the cutest yuri visual novel I have ever played, also being my first~ <3

I looved it all. The characters have such cute and unique designs which I really love and I can't pick which one is my fav cuz of how unique each one of them are! The cheesy-ness was waay too cute for my heart, I couldn't get enough of it! I highly enjoyed this game, thank you soo much for making this game possible! And will look forward for equally cuter games~ TwT/ <3


Aw gosh, thank you so so much! We're both very excited to hear that you liked it and we will def be releasing stuff in the future too, so look forward to it!

It was my pleasure and you're very welcome, sweeties!! <333 And I will totally look forward for them!!! *w*// <333