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I like the gameplay and especially the fact that the game can be run on low end machines. It's a very early version, so I guess you are already on some of these things, but here's my first impressions after not so much time with the game (will play more tomorrow):

- love it!

Cover system - sometimes there are two covers close together and it's hard to differenciate if the protection icon shows my protection from being shot from the left or right or if it's some kind of general protection on that position including both sides.

- I'm pretty sure you are onto this already, but we really need to have that. If there's one thing I loved on XCOM, then it's my team! MY team. I changed their names, appearances, everything to who I wanted them to be. I formed them to the soldiers I wanted them to be. That is an important part for these games and you need that!

- as it's an early version I'm assuming there will be more to come, but most importantly: I need to know what we are fighting. There has to be some motivation, that keeps me on my toes.

Will add more feedback after I played more...

Thanks for the feedback! Looking forward to hearing more :)