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Hi, serabourg. 

I'd like to thank you for taking the time to leave a feedback, because it helps me a lot and normally even the smallest one brightens my day...but I don't think I was prepared for your comment...seriously! You have no idea how happy it made me,  and how your words motivate me into creating more and more games incredible people like you might enjoy.

As for other websites, for now I don't have any, but I'm planning on creating a tumblr or twitter to post updates/sketches of my future projects - I already have some decent concepts, but sadly right now my life got really busy and I don't have time to work on them **sigh** BUT! When I get back on track, I'll make sure to let you know ;)

No problem about the "Dirt poor" thing, by the way - I can relate :) **jumps on the broke train**