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Super enjoyed this apocalyptic narrative journey! I felt like I was reading a novel and it wasn't afraid to use deeper narration to set the story. Didn't feel rushed, just like we we're taking our time. Never felt like I didn't know what was going on. It definitely felt like the start to a larger story and I for sure would've read more! 

Definitely wanted to get to know our main character a little bit more, but maybe down certain paths the player can? Really enjoyed the main map visual too, but would've enjoyed being able to interact with it to explore and progress the story. I also played some appropriate ambient apocalyptic music in the background for myself which I felt like really helped to immerse me (I highly recommend if you go back into this to maybe add something like that c; ) 

Overall super enjoyed the game and would definitely dive back in to try out other paths! 


thank you so much - I think if I have time I'll definitely add to this story, it was really a sprint finish for me to get this done for the Jam. as to the map, I'm not sure I'm quite a good enough programmer to make it interactive but I might give it a go later