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Hello Eran Aviram!

The intro had me in buckled in before I started... some thoughts and comments headed your way in 5, 4, 3, 2...

1. Must be said again, GREAT OPENING LINE! You managed to evoke a ton of tone and setting from a phrase we are all immediately familiar with.

2. The main story / headline generator is a lot of fun. One thing, I wish that the co-anchors were a bit more involved. Maybe have the co-anchors take the parts of relevant audio clips / the on the screen video clips. Seems like they might be sitting around for their turn...

3. Ok yes! All of the other sections are a lot more back and forth. Nice, nice, nice.

4. I would love a jingle generator haha.

5. The structure of After We Come Back - Commercial Brake - Welcome Back is well done. It allows the Anchor and VIP a moment to think about how to structure the next segment. One thought, perhaps all the roles should be planned out before the show starts? Maybe it could be a suggestion for groups that aren't as good with improv yet?

Overall, this is great. I could totally see running this with an improv group that perhaps did not have the most experience to teach those skills. Very nice job.


Hello Joel!

Thank you for the feedback, much appreciated. Good on you for doing so with many of the other submissions, it's very much in the jam spirit.


Feedback is an important part of this community. Folks put a lot of work into their games and that work should be noticed and appreciated!