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It's a really fun game, I hope you will develop this in the future, but if you decide to do something else it's ok anyway! I have a 1440p monitor and reading the pop up windows was hard for me, I hope you can fix that in the future. Great work, keep it up!

Whoa! I'm very impressed you stuck it out for 50+ days! Finding the base solo is particularly challenging... I'm in awe of your determination!

I really loved this let's play, especially all the dramatic reading! Thank you so much for sharing this and I'm really pleased you enjoyed it!

Also, thanks for bringing the size of the text to my attention -- I have made a note of this :)

I'm really happy you enjoyed my video!

I thought I could make the money for the compass while waiting for another survivor that's why I didn't give up, but I was left alone...

Thanks again!