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You could just like... plant less hydrangeas..? :P

But then all those unused plots would go to waste! :O

Hmm, I kinda wanted it so that the player has to manually make each potion - just like the player manually has to craft every single potion.

I kinda guessed that was the case, and most of the time it was fine. It does add to the texture of the game...but it only takes a couple of instances where you've let 100+ hydrangeas pile up and need to turn them into potions to make every batch of more than a few potions feel like a chore.

You're saying it's too hard to see if a field has weeds on it or not? that the whole field should have more green on it?

Kind of? It's not a problem with all plants, but the plants (and phases of plants) that already look like a bunch of little green lines sprouting from the ground are great at hiding little green weeds also sprouting from the ground. Maybe weeds just need a more distinctive shade of green? I dunno, I'm not an artist. I'm just a guy who grows a lot of hydrangeas. And also other stuff—at this point I've only got two or three hydrangea plots, plus ones I grow in other spots when the timing isn't quite right for their intended plant.

Hehe, yea, i understand. thank you so much for your comment. The more people i see enjoying the game, definitely makes me more likely to want to update the game in the future (possibly with some of your improvements!) ^^

I'm glad you enjoyed my comment! And also that you made this game.