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Hello,I am so excited to find this chance to talk with you.

I am a player from China,and i know this game from STEAM.

You know that AVGs(Adventure Games)like this game is very popular in Asian.Especially there are many famous AVGs in Japan(And some of them was adapt for anime).So I played a lot.

But actually this type of games in English are seldom to see in China.Because of they are not translated.To be honest I didn't want to play this game at first , because for myself, it is so tired to read the story with so many words in English.

But I still play it just because your game has its own glamour.I like the subject matter about  princess with the background of European palace.But it is less seen because of the cuture difference.Even if we try to make a game like this,we cannot do as well as yours.

So why don't you try to have this game translated into Chinese?I am in the belief that it will be very popular in China.Not only it is different to others in the phenomenon but also the character of heroine and the absorbing story make this game become so great.What a pity that so many lovers  of this type of game in China cannot know and play this game.

I am a college student now.It is a long time not to use English so my English become so poor now especially English written.....and i am shamed for that.But it is not so difficult to play this game.And i believe that my English will be much better if i study it.

And....I have not finished this game but it is so good so I want to share it with my friend.I will write more about this game when i finish that.Love it ,and thank you so much.

Hello there! Someone has already offered to do Chinese translations. Hopefully we will able to release it someday :D

Thank you for the kind words!