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Hey again. Selecting random as a map only selects The Circle. I thought it was just bad luck but it's been circle literally 100% of the time

This is less of a bug but more just a balancing thing, it's super easy to do infinites with grabs/parries as shown in this vdeo here

my suggestion would be to add directional influence kinda like in melee, so you have some control of where you're gonna fly off to

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you are officially my favorite player. There is actually an incredibly thin window in which you can pick your toss direction. It's wider the larger release I'm working on, but I might see if I can backport it in a more minor one soon. Ideally you'd have at least a quarter of a second to input, right now it's like 10ms.

I'll fix the map select. I removed the torus because it was hella buggy so all you've got for now is the cube and the sphere. Any suggestions for things you'd like to see in future maps?

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Haha thanks man. I'm glad there's a directional influence. Maybe that's why infinites were harder on my friends.. 

As for map ideas/concepts, I have two. Since this is a space game I figured this would be a good fit. Level info is in the link 

I'm not sure how hard this is to code cause I've never really coded, but this would be pretty cool. Again level info in link

Also maybe this is just my controller/keyboard but on both my stick/keyboard I can't move selections to the left, only to the right.