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Some general thoughts...

It's way too hard to eliminate members of an entourage who have come to dislike or suspect you; and this is a problem, because currently the only way to permanently get rid of evidence (and the easiest way to calm your population) is to dump it onto a member of your entourage who likes you and then make them a scapegoat.  Once you have an entourage member who knows you're dark, there doesn't seem to be any non-supernatural way to get rid of them.

Currently the only way to get rid of an entourage member who dislikes you is to kill them with dark powers, which is too expensive to contemplate most of the time and unrealistic.

There should probably be options to use conventional assassination (at no Power cost, but at the risk of creating evidence), plus the option to dismiss entourage members (at the risk of them sending messages to everyone with warnings and all the information they gathered, plus potentially raising the suspicion of other members of your entourage and even your peers depending on the situation.)  Having a Baron replace their Captain of the Guard shouldn't require some complicated frame-up or an invocation of dark powers.

Hmm, you may be right.

The current situation is due to a different set of desires and aims. I wanted you to repeatedly have to try to stop messages from getting out, so you have to pay attention and invest in messenger-assassination techniques. For some situations it works great. The fog I think is roughly balanced how I wanted it, but this means that the fishmen now have no solution to messengers on land.

Dark enthralled can transmit shadow at improved rates, so they're the best way to cheaply get rid of entourage, since they'll become broken within a certain number of turns.

I'll have to look into it a bit more, see if I can't balance things a bit better, maybe introduce a few new options. At the very least, I could make assassinations cheaper for entourage members, although that's not an ideal solution.

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Maybe an expel option? The entourage member is expelled and travels towards a lord with the most common traits.  Upon arrival the entourage member can influence the new lord to take action against his former lord. This would make messenger-assassination even more viable, as the travelling entourage member can be killed in that way.

also: good luck with the kickstarter!