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Oh wow! I love this game. The graphics are so cool. I agree with the last comment that at a couple points it was necessary to search every room investigating everything... but I honestly I don't even know how developers come up with these puzzles so kudos to you. Very creative.

Also, I didn't know what to expect in length because some games on Itch are SO short. I was pleasantly surprised when it wasn't over in 15 minutes. It probably took me 30-40 mins, which is a good length for a game where you can't save. 

Reading below, I am shocked that English is not your native language. The dialogue is so natural and funny. When I have to use my second language at work I spend ages checking what I write, so I know how painful it can be when you don't want to make any mistakes.

Thank you so much for the nice feedback! Yeah some of the puzzles were a bit confusing. I came up with them very randomly :P

Glad you liked the length of the game, it is indeed somewhere between 30-45 to complete which I think is a good length for 1 sitting :)

It really means a lot you like the dialogues! I spend a lot of time on those and I'm glad it shows, also that you find them funny, it great to know that others share my sense of humor :D

Thanks again and look forward to the sequel somewhere in the future ;)