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In the future we'll likely add automated virus scanning, but that can only catch so many issues. For me, I try to run games I download outside of my regular user account.

Did this specific game try to do something malicious, or do you think it was a bug in the code? If you haven't already, you can report the game on the bottom of the game's page. We can forward your report to the developer so they can look into it. (Or if it's a malicious game we can remove it from the site)

Thanks for the reply leafo. Sorry about the late response, I've been without a computer since I posted here. Turned out the video issue was a dead/dying video card.

TBH, I think the issue was my computer but it did give me cause to reflect.

Could a game crash a computer semi/permanently?

Re: alternate user; do you mean create a guest user that has no privileges? That sounds like a good start.

I think I might run any downloads in a window (rather than fullscreen) until I'm sure they're ok. That way it's at least easier to exit out of the program.

Is there a technical discussion thread that covers this sort of stuff already?