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Ugh, really sorry to hear that.  Did you manage to get any version of the game to run?  (although I understand if you didn't bother after getting the antivirus warning).  The "Win" version is the 64bit version, I should label it better...  Was it just not launching?  Instantly crashing?  

Had a couple people mentioning that their antivirus software is incorrectly flagging the Windows version of the game. Not entirely sure what I can do about it at the moment, however I'd love to know if the previous version of the game (0.34.2) also gets flagged by Avira. I'll try emailing you a direct download link to the older version of the game if you'd be be willing to try it out. (Let me know if you don't get an email from in the next 20 min or so.

You can also grab previous build versions through the Itch Desktop App (on the game's page, right click on the Version info -> Advanced -> Revert to Revision (and pick the version dated March).