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That is IT! I am retiring from Atlas City WAVE 26! BABY! Not boasting here's a hit : You get no barricades or antidotes past wave 20. It's very difficult, I am gonna do maybe one more video on this as Atlas City or Shattered Woodlands. I have to say this is sooooo much fun. Health bar is an interesting idea and I recommend it. Also I would love a standoff version in which you don't need civilians, there are no buildings or they all to tall. 

Wait got better idea, no civilians barricades included. So it's just you, zombies keep spawning in at corners and won't stop until like 200 levels. There's a small base which has a ramp in which is like a last last stand thing. You can get gold weapons etc and can refill your barricades at limited checkpoint things. Presented as 'waves' though and will show how far you get. You have a health bar. Zombies will get progressively tougher and the yellow zombie can maybe jump small distance. This is just an endurance test thing. I think it would be awesome as a difficult game mode called something like 'The Hardcore 4D'.

This is just an idea for a zombie, this zombie has a vacuum around it that sucks civilians and the player near it. Just an idea.

I challenge players to beat wave 26. I JUST SURVIVED, i would like has 1 to 5 civilians left and ALWAYS erridaticate purple zombies or the upgraded fast zombies first.

Here are tips :

To kill purple zombie easy just wait until it attacks a civilian and it's distracted completely which is the best time to take it out.

Kill civilians sometimes if you don't want to spare antidote and you have MONEY to afford it.

Use barricades, they are VERY useful.

Weapons Best to Worst :

MK8R : Lots of Ammo okay fire rate

Golden AUG : Not bad ammo and superb accuracy, damage + fire rate.

Golden MK8R : Good ammo, fire rate okay accuracy but costs way too much for ammo.

Bazooka : Area of effect grenade

SIG : Fire rate + accuracy and okay ammo, never gotten a golden one though.

AUG : accuracy + fire rate. Standard

Leviathan : Never really used this but it has INFINITE penetration (goes through infinite amount of zombies)

This is excellent game okay. THIS is probably the best indie game I've seen for a while, fun, challenging and a kick-ass animation style. I even wanted to make a character comic thing of this. Ravinia6 i nominate you for the awesome indie game award, this award is fictional though so never mind.

This is incredible difficult game at high stages, if you are in for a challenge play this GAME!