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Hey Guys,
So far everyone's kind of come up with ways to do things in Unity but never really touch on the power of two resolution issue, so I'm posting my solution.

Auto Resolution: Download
So what the script does is if the screen height resolution isn't the power of two it loops down until a power of two number is reached, this works in windowed mode on the fly but I haven't made it update for full screen yet. But if you choose a higher than 1024 and full screen in the launcher it works fine. The idea being it always enforces the pixels on screen to be perfectly square at all resolutions.

Auto Resolution Note: You'll need something that deals with the 1:1 Aspect Ratio, I use Aspect Ratio Enforcer and it works perfectly. Also if you have a 1080p screen and it only appears at 512 when you maximize its because the window intersects with your task bar at the bottom of the screen.

So I've spent my whole day working out how to set this all up before even reading anything here. Every way seems to come with positives and negatives (Pixels and movement), the render texture technique seems good at first then you move around and pixels will disappear and reappear regardless of settings so that kind of killed that for me. I have a new way I'm going to setup that involves snapping the camera and the player visuals to the nearest int but have the actual player gameobject move around freely using Rigidbody2D, this allows the use of Physics built into Unity and not having to reinvent the wheel while retaining a solid pixel perfect feel. I'll could try to release my scripts if people are interested.