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Thanks for playing! For the bugs you have encountered, I have encountered that as well.  I think I solved the flashing problem but I'm not entirely sure.  I am not 100% certain where the flashing came from honestly. The second one happens because I did not want the bear to destroy the entire forest and leave a bunch of logs floating everywhere. So what I did was the bears only chop when as much as they need. The problem is, the bears don't pick up the resources and bring it to the house. Also, if the resources are too far from the house, they won't bring it there. I'm trying to figure out how to balance the game more. It's a really big project so I hope you don't mind it taking a while. I'm actually reworking it from scratch on Game Maker Studio 2 (this version is made in GMS1.4). The new version will have even more features  and you can add about 5-10x more bears before it lags :)

Thank you for your response, I was happy to hear that there will be a big update. I understand that making a game takes a lot of time and I don't know what your goals are, but it seems like it's one of those games a dev could work on forever.  For the same reason it's very likely the best thing to do to upgrade the engine. Better now than after you worked really hard on it and had to scrap most of that work. Regarding the second odd behavior, I'd like to just toss an idea out there. What if there was a way to designate areas to be "unmodifiable" so that neither you or the bears can mistakenly destroy or place something there?