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Please, make Linux version

I realize this comment is a year old but it runs fine under Wine, albeit a bit annoying to get working on my machine. (Alternatively you could just use the Steam version with Steam Play.)

Installing DXVK should be adequate, but if you're having issues with the window it plays in consider enabling "Emulate virtual desktop" in winecfg.

Is it really difficult to just port the game to Linux?

Given that the game (or rather "Experience" as per the dev) is made in Unity, it probably wouldn't be terribly hard. But given the length of WTDC (and the fact that it is free (as in free beer)) I doubt it would be worth the extra time for Sirhaian to export and test the build.

...and like I said, it runs fine as it is under WINE with some easy to fix caveats (depending on how you want to play it, I've had issues playing it windowed). Maybe even better under Steam Play w/Proton.