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The reason it was deleted was because it was a .exe file rather than a .zip file, like all the other games. most viruses are a .exe file so I'm happy that it deleted it.


Strange anti-virus program. Is it deleting all .exe files downloaded from the web? And only because you put an .exe file in a .zip file (like most itch games), it won't be more secure.


It does not delete all .exe files, but it deleted this one. It isn't a cheap anti-virus program, but it really helps. Every time something is downloaded it says if it is safe or not. Usually it will just say it isn't safe, not delete it completely. It either is a virus and they are saying it isn't, or they didn't put too much work into the game. If it was in a .zip file it probably would still delete it. This game most likely has a virus in it.