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This game is one of the best otome games I played, and this is coming from a person who isn't really into this type of genre (total tsundere haha), anyway I downloaded this on Steam, as I was looking for a new game to play ( even though I have exams 2 days after I'm writing this ) I found Cinderella phenomenon figured id give it a go. I just finished my first route which was Rods, I finished his route in 2 days, I played for that long I just couldn't stop.  I love reading, Rods the story-line is so beautiful, I teared up at the ending! And now I'm regretting that I finished his route so fast :( The artwork is so amazingly beautiful too, at points I would just stare at my monitor just gazing into it admiring how everything looked. From the characters to the buttons on the screen. The music is so soothing and even now I'm listening to the menu theme while I'm typing this! So calm and soothing. 

I'm looking forward to doing the other routes, although I'm so sad since I loved Rod's route so much I don't really want to forget about it. All in all, this is one of those games where you ponder about the journey you had and how fun and meaningful everything was while lying in bed once you finished the game. Thank you so much for making this game! Reasons why I really want to be a games developer in the future. Hopefully, I'll be able to make games as cool as this one.  * Secretly wishing there's Cinderella Phenomenon 2!!!  * >_< Thank you so much again!

Thank you so much for writing your thoughts about the game so far! We really appreciate it!

There would be no CP 2 but there will be a fandisk (afterstory) //winks

yess!!! i heard about it on tumblr xD , cant wait until its out!

if its out, when can i see it besides Tumblr?